APMFG Solar Project Led Lighting News

APMFG Solar. won Solar Bus Stop Contract

1. San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - Award Number CA-86-X004 - San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

Manufactured and installed solar lights for 25 bus stops. Provided replacement batteries for same.

2. Virginia Beach Transit- New Custom AR-825 Solar Bus Stop Light Poles- Manufactured qty 40

3. Lake Elsinore New Custom Designed Solar Monument 240 watt 24 volt Solar Battery Back up and 9 watt LED 24 volt LED Lighting

4. MTS Goldline Custom 6 foot diameter LED light Rings

5. City of Solvang - New APMFG Solar Bus Stop 20 watt LED Light Poles

6. Arizona Navajo Nation - Solar Bus Shelter LED Lighting Kits

7. New Redesigned 20 foot Solar Dome Roof Solar Illuminated Bus Shelters for Inglewood CA with 6 watts of LED lighting.